Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I was served court summons papers. What do I do?

 A: You must act quickly in order to prevent an adverse judgment. Contact us to see how we can help.

Q: I can't afford an attorney. Do you offer payment plan arrangements?

A: Depending on the case, we have different payment plan arrangements to help you afford the representation you deserve.  

Q: How long will it take to get results?

 A: While there are average timelines for each type of case, your particular situation requires an assessment by the attorney to give you a more definitive answer. 

Q: Is our conversation confidential?

A: During the course of our representation with you, all of our correspondence with you is confidential and will not be disclosed. Our representation must be in a signed, written agreement that describes the nature and scope of the attorney-client relationship. However, correspondence during the consultation is confidential even if you do not sign an agreement. 

Q: How much are consultations?

 A: We offer consultations for $20 for 20 minutes. If you decide to retain our attorney, you will be credited that consultation fee.

Q: I can't leave my home for a consultation. Can you do consultations over the phone or Skype?

We offer phone consultations and Skype consultations. Please call or email us to set up a time.

Q: How big is this firm?

 A: There is one attorney and a small support staff. Go to our About Us page to learn a little bit more. 

Q: Are you available late or on the weekends?

 A: We are available after usual work hours and on the weekends if you book an appointment.